Why Choose Us

Our focus is on you. We are committed to excellence in orthodontics on the journey to creating beautiful and healthy smiles.

Patient-centered care:

  • Orthodontic care provided by Dr. Eileen Lo, a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.
  • Extended office hours before and after work/school.
  • In-house dental laboratory to expedite orthodontic treatments.
  • Environmentally friendly. Our office is completely computerized and paperless.
  • Disabled access and facilities.
  • Efficient with your time and money. All of our appointments are appropriately scheduled so that you will spend less time in the waiting room and dental chair, and more time out enjoying the things that make you smile.

We are privileged to be in a position to make a positive impact while building lasting relationships with you and your family.


We are so lucky to have been recommended to Shine Orthodontics for our daughter's braces! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and supportive, making the whole experience a positive one! Emma has a new confident smile and owes it to the incredible work of a very special orthodontist Dr. Lo. Thank you!!    L. Dawson

Great Experience! Very happy with the results. Rectified an old problem that has bothered me for many years. Thank you for making this such a pleasant journey.    E. Brower

Dr. Lo is professional, personable. My daughter likes her treatment. We are very satisfied with her services. We want to thank her help and assistance.    Law family

Everyone was nice. Having braces gave me straighter teeth. The result was amazing. I proceeded with braces because I wanted to have normal teeth instead of crooked teeth. Julia C.

I had an underbite and midline shift. After my braces were taken off, my teacher and classmates said my teeth look very pretty. Dr. Lo is a very nice and patient doctor. I love having her as my orthodontist.    Kelsey L.

My daughter had amazing results with her teeth straightening out. The experience was very positive. Dr. Lo and staff were very professional and positive. I would highly recommend Dr. Lo to anyone!     Erin A.

We are very happy that Vivian got her teeth fixed. The staff are nice and the doctor is kind and helpful. After she got her teeth fixed, it didn't bother her anymore and she is very happy. Thank you for your hard work! 

I started my braces because I had a crossbite. So there was some stress on one of my teeth which made it hurt. Dr. Lo is very positive at each and every appointment. The front desk staff is very nice and she is always very patient.      Arthur D.

Jennifer's teeth were not aligned. After a year of work with Shine Orthodontics, her teeth look very good. Doctor Lo has been very patient and nice to Jennifer. She is also very experienced with her work.       C. Z.



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